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Sound Examiner Sound Level Meters SE-400 Series

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The Sound Examiner Sound Level Meters SE-400 Series are engineered to accurately measure noise levels in highly variable environments, including those that require intrinsic safety. 

Product Details

These meters compute average sound pressure level (L EQ/ L AVG ) over the run time, helping you to more accurately assess occupational and environmental noise levels. All models are ready to use with no set-up required. 


  • Red models have Intrinsic Safety approvals
  • Intuitive interface allows for out-of-box use with little to no training
  • User selectable data logging intervals for download and analysis with TSI Quest Detection Management Software (sold separately)
  • Averaging functionality allows for easy measurement in variable environments
  • Printing capability with optional digital printer* provides hard copy documentation in the field
  • Choose from models with Class/Type 1 or Class/Type 2 microphones, dependent on your application
  • SE-401 and SE-402-R models include removable preamp
  • Meets applicable industry standards
  • Useful tool as part of a Hearing Conservation Program; be confident that data collected is accurate


  Sound Examiner SE-401 Sound Examiner SE-402 Sound Examiner SE-402-R Sound Examiner SE-401-IS Sound Examiner SE-402-IS
DMS Compatible + + + + +
Data Logging + + + + +
External AC/DC output + + +    
Serial printing for SoundPatrol feature + + +    
Class/Type 2 Accuracy   + +   +
Class/Type 1 Accuracy +     +  
Remote capabilty with removeable preamp +   +    
Intrinsic Safety approvals       + +

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