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AirPro® Mobile - Advanced Feature Set (1 Year)

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Product Details

The AirPro® Mobile software supports both Android and iOS smart devices* and is available in three levels of performance - Basic, Advanced and Professional.  The Advanced Feature Set is subscription-based, and available for one-year or long-term. 

Advanced Feature Set - Includes Basic Functionality Plus:

  • Connect up to two instruments for simultaneous, real-time display and data logging
  • Perform flow rate calculations based on user-input duct size
  • Calculate wet bulb and dewpoint temperatures (probe dependent)
  • Log measurements to smart device
  • Export data with comments and photos for report generation 

* Compatible with iOS v9 and v10, and Android 4.3, 4.4, 5, 6 and 7 mobile devices.  AirPro Mobile uses Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) which is only supported in Bluetooth Version 4.0 and higher. Be sure your device is using Bluetooth Version 4.0 or higher.


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Choose from Basic, Advanced, or Professional features

  • Basic | Basic measurements and displays (included with initial AirPro Mobile App download)
  • Advanced | Basic features plus measurement calculations, simultaneous probes (2), and data logging
  • Professional | Basic and advanced features plus simultaneous probes (6), work flow operations, and remote logging

AirPro® Mobile Feature Set Basic - FREE Advanced Professional
Display Readings + + +
Probe Configuations + + +
Velocity Calc for DP + + +
Multiple Units of Measure + + +
Min-Max   + +
Average   + +
Dew Point/Web Bulb   + +
Flow Calculations   + +
Correction/Offset Factors   + +
Data Logging   + +
Simultaneous Probes   2 6
Email/Cloud   + +
Store Data on Probe's SD Card for Importing     +
Graphing     +
Applications - Duct Traverse     +
Calibration Certificate     +


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