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AirPro® Thermoanemometer Straight Probe VT-S

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Product Details

The AirPro® Thermoanemometer Straight Probe Model VT-S measures air velocity and temperature while enabling the calculation of air flow*. It can attach directly to the AirPro Velocity Meter AP500 or via stackable probes for extended measurements. Although designed exclusively for wireless applications, the AirPro measurement probes do not compromise on the high reliability, accuracy, and overall performance customers have come to expect from TSI. 


  • 30 to 6000 ft/min (0 to 30 m/s)
  • 14 to 150°F (-10 to 65°C)


  • ±3% of reading or ±3 ft/min
  • ±0.5°F (±0.3°C)


  • 1 ft/min (0.01 m/s)
  • 0.1°F (0.1°C)


  • Length 12 in. (30.5 cm)
  • Length can extend to 48 in. with extensions
  • Max Diameter 0.375 in. (9.5 mm)

*Calculations are dependent on AirPro Product Feature Set. For more information, please visit

*Probe includes calibration certificate and protective case.

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