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External Input Card Module EIC

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Product Details

The EIC module allows input of four analog and one once-per-rev (OPR) signal, plus up to four channels of digital data, all using a convenient interface box with Status Light, BNCs, and D-Sub connectors. The EB option allows input of up to 4 channels of analog data, including the OPR signal, and must be used with the EIC. For external data (e.g. temperature, pressure, etc.), a four channel analog-to-digital and digital-to-digital input module in the EB board is utilized. These channels can be used to acquire peripheral data from any transducer with output in the range -5 to +10V. The FlowSizer™ software allows real-time display of these auxiliary inputs, calibration using a 4th order polynomial, and analysis of velocity-scalar quantities. The EB/EIC system does not simply tag each velocity point with an angular position for post-analysis. Instead the user defines an unlimited number of angular windows (perhaps each blade passage). The software then allows the real-time display of velocity and diameter statistics for individual windows, user-selectable angular intervals, or the whole cycle. A host of rotating machinery specific post processing options is also provided.

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