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Flow Calibrator 4148

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The TSI  Flow Calibrators are essential accessories for condensation particle counters (CPCs) and filter testers. The readings provided by the CPCs and filter testers are dependent on the flow rate of the internal pump. TSI Flow Calibrators are small, simple and portable flow measuring devices ideal for verifying flow rates of internal pumps. 

Product Details

Available in two models that differ in flow range, TSI Flow Calibrators are ideal for measuring inlet flows on CPCs and filter testers along with other internal pump instruments. These easy-to-read, handheld units can be powered through the included battery pack or via the included universal power supply allowing for portable benchtop use. The volumetric flow rate is continuously displayed allowing for fast and easy confirmation of the inlet flow displayed on the unit. The flow calibrators are temperature-compensated and pressure-corrected allowing calculated volumetric flow readings to have an accuracy of ±2% of reading.


  • Flow range: 0-20 L/min
  • Display update rate: 1 second
  • Powered using included battery pack or included universal power supply
  • Included conductive tubing to connect filter to meter to eliminate any particles coming from meter
  • Comes in kit ready for immediate use


  • Flow calibrator
  • Inlet filter
  • 3" conductive tubing to connect filter to calibrator
  • Battery pack with 6 AA batteries
  • Universal power supply
  • Carrying case
  • Owner's manual
  • Certificate of Calibration

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