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High Frame Rate Cameras for Time Resolved Measurements 630078-8GB

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Product Details

For time-resolved Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV), the camera is operated in "frame straddling" mode which allows for two laser pulses in two consecutive frames for cross correlation analysis to obtain the velocity field. The time between the laser pulses can be as short as a 0.23 microseconds for high speed flow measurements. For PLIF and spray diagnostics, the camera can be operated in " triggered" mode with variable shutter exposure to enable image integration from multiple laser pulses. The camera can also be triggered externally to allow phase-locked measurements to be taken with external devices.

Features and Benefits

  • Latest CMOS sensor with 12-bit dynamic range for exceptional light sensitivity, image quality, and fidelity
  • Frame straddling time down to 0.23 μs for high speed flow measurements
  • High temporal and spatial resolution
  • Increased frame rates to meet higher temporal resolution requirements
  • Flexible system configuration of two cameras for StereoPIVn3-component velocity measurements
  • Post trigger and circular buffer mode
  • Operable in frame straddling and external triggered modes for phase locked measurements
  • Easy data transfer via Gigabit Ethernet
  • Each camera comes with standard camera lens and all interface cables


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