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Laser Power Meters 900702

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Product Details

TSI Laser Power Meters provide a convenient and accurate way to measure Ar ion beam power, to keep your LDV or PDPA system running at peak efficiency. The 3.5 digit LCD display and photodiode-based detector offer quick response and high sensitivity. Six ranges are available for measuring microWatts to Watts. A front panel zero function enables accurate readings every time.

The photodiode-based sensor head is rugged but has high sensitivity, making it ideal for Ar ion and CW laser power measurement. It can be attached to an optical post for hands-free operation. An OD3 attenuator is also included, enabling power measurements up to 2W.

Models are available for 120 VAC and 220/240 VAC.

Features and Benefits
  • Fast response
  • High sensitivity
  • Wide dynamic range
  • LCD display
  • LDV
  • PDPA
Included Items
  • Power meter base
  • Power meter head
  • OD3 attenuator

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