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Manual Velocity Calibrator without Pressure Transducer 1127

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Product Details

The TSI Model 1127 Manual Velocity Calibrator is the simplest version of the velocity Calibrator available for use with the popular IFA 300 research anemometer. It can be used with any anemometer and with a wide range of thermal anemometry probe types and sizes.

The Model 1127 calibrator offers several advanced features. For one, its exclusive flow nozzle design exhibits a flat velocity profile over a broad dynamic range. For another, it has a probe mounting system that handles any type of probe and probe support with the utmost positioning flexibility, essential for yaw and pitch calibrations.

This calibrator is supplied without a pressure transducer which must be provided by the user.

Features and Benefits

  • Works with one-, two-, or three-sensor probes
  • Probe mounts for yaw/pitch calibration
  • Works with any thermal anemometer
  • Accepts a wide range of thermal anemometry probes and probe supports


  • General purpose thermal anemometry probe calibration

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