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Microscope Objective Lenses 610051-4x

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Product Details

The microscope objective lens serves two purposes for microPIV systems.  First, the lens delivers the laser light to illuminate the measurement region in the micro-channel or the micro-fluidic device.  The lens may also act as a collection lens to deliver the fluorescent signal emitted by the fluorescent particles to the camera.  

Objective lenses come with a wide range of magnification factors, from 4X to 100X, to meet the variable microchannel size and measurement regions.  Lenses with high magnification factors provide small measurement regions with very high spatial resolution, in order to capture detailed velocity gradient in the channel.  Lenses with small magnification factors, such as 4X and 10X, are more suitable for larger microchannels to capture the entire channel. 

Standard objective lenses are shown in the table below.  These lenses offer long working distance and high numerical aperture, to provide optimal performance of microPIV measurements.

Features and Benefits

  • Long working distance for ease of setup
  • High numerical aperture for increased measurement and accuracy


  • All MicroPIV variants
Model number Magnification factor Manufacturer
660020-4X 4X Nikon
660020-20X 20X Nikon
660020-40X 40X Nikon
610051-4X 4X Olympus
610051-20X 20X Olympus
610051-40X 40X Olympus

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