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Nanometer Aerosol Sampler 3089

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Product Details

The Nanometer Aerosol Sampler 3089 (NAS) allows you to sample charged particles, like those from the output of a Differential Mobility Analyzer (DMA), onto sample substrates for further analysis. This aerosol sampler lets you control the spot size of the deposition using two electrode sizes and get a uniform deposition size that is optimal for your analysis system.

Features and Benefits

  • Deposits 2- to 100-nm particles on substrates
  • Works with TSI DMAs


  • Aerosol sampling

Contact TSI to learn more about our Nanometer Aerosol Sample 3089, our particle sizers, and other particle counting instruments. For half a century, we have served countless research and industrial institutions internationally, and our team of experts is equipped to answer any questions you might have about our instruments.

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