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Respirator Leak Tester 8119

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Product Details

The TSI Respirator Leak Tester 8119 helps you perform fast, easy, after-maintenance leak tests on full-face, air-purifying respirators. With this respirator leak tester accessory, you can use your Model 8127 or 8130 Automated Filter Tester to challenge a respirator with test aerosol. Simply mount the respirator on the head form and scan the respirator with the hand-held probe. Test critical areas like eye-lens seals and exhaust valves. If the aerosol concentration inside the mask exceeds a preset level, audible and visual alarms will be triggered.

Features and Benefits

  • Fast, fool-proof tester
  • Mounts easily on Model 8127 and 8130 testers
  • Provides audible and visual alarms


  • Leak tests for full-face, air-purifying respirators
  • After-maintenance QC checks of respirators

Included Items  

  • Head form
  • Hand-held probe

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