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Seed Particles 10091

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Product Details

The correct choice of seed particles is critical to the successful execution of PIV and LDV experiments and, thus, TSI offers a full range of seed particles to satisfy even the most difficult measurement requirements. Available seed particle materials include silicon carbide, nylon, polystyrene, titanium dioxide, and glass, to name a few. Hollow particles are also available for improved density matching with the flow medium, as well as coated particles for maximizing the reflected light component. Additionally, a range of fluorescent particles have been introduced for micro PIV applications. Standard particle sizes range from 1 micron to 12 microns, and other sizes are available on request.

Features and Benefits  

  • Full range of particle materials
  • Full range of particle sizes
  • Fluorescent particles for micro PIV experiments


  • Particle image velocimetry experiments
  • Laser doppler velocimetry experiments

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