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Thermal Anemometry Traverses T1D

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Product Details

Three different computer-controlled traverses are offered by TSI, each able to precisely locate and move a probe. As part of an anemometer system, they enable automated measurement or remote operation. Typically, they are controlled using TSI's ThermalPro™ software, where a customer-defined matrix identifies the measurement points. They also operate independently using front panel controls and displays on the power supply.

All are built to ensure stable operation over the full translation range. They feature 600 mm travel with 10 micrometer resolution, both absolute and relative homing capability, and a universal probe mount with tilt. The three models differ only in the number of axes of movement that they provide.

The Model 1191 offers horizontal movement, the Model 1192 horizontal and vertical, and the Model 1193 three axes of movement and are used with 110V, 50/60 Hz power supply. Models 1191E, 1192E and 1193E are the one, two and three axis traverse systems that are used with 220V, 50/60 Hz power supply.

Features and Benefits  

  • Precise location and movement of thermal anemometry probes
  • Integrates with ThermalPro software
  • Highly stable, repeatable operation
  • Up to three axes of movement


  • General flow measurement applications
  • Accurate flow field mapping

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