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Traverse Systems T2D

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Product Details

TSI's traverse systems are strong, precise and versatile. Designed with flexibility in mind, the traverse systems are made of various motorized sliders and a controller unit. 1D, 2D and 3D configurations are available, to meet your specific requirements.

For LDV, PDPA or PIV measurements, it is often necessary to move the measurement devices to the desirable location precisely and accurately. In addition, when multiple measurements at different locations are needed, an automatic traverse system obtains measurement configurations with high accuracy and repeatability.

The various models of the traverse systems and the various accessories offered by TSI will meet all of your needs for LDV, PDPA and PIV applications. The typical travel distance for each axis is 600 mm, but a longer travel distance of 1000 mm is also supported. In addition, heavy duty traverse sliders are also available for heavy duty systems. The following table provides the traverse model numbers and the associated accessories required.

Traverse Systems Options

Traverse System Model T1D Traverse System Model T2D Traverse System Model T3D Traverse System Model T3DH Traverse System Model T3DL Traverse System Model of the Mounting Bracket System
PowerSight 1D or 2D LDV System + + + + + M-L1-DPSS
PowerSight 3D LDV System + + + + + M-3DL-DPSS
PowerSight 1D or 2D PDPA System + + + + + M-P1-DPSS
PowerSight 3D PDPA System + + + + + M-3DP-DPSS
Fiber Optic Probe Based 1D or 2D LDV System + + + + + M-L1
Fiber Optic Probe Based 3D LDV System + + + + + M-3DL
Fiber Optic Probe Based 1D or 2D PDPA System + + + + + M-P2
Fiber Optic Probe Based 3D PDPA System + + + + + M-3DP
Stereo PIV System + + + + + M-STPIVS or M-STPIVB

Please refer to the traverse systems brochure for more details.


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