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Argon-Ion Laser LA-70-2

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Product Details

The LA-70-2 Argon Ion Laser provides the best combination of laser power and stability for an entry-level water cooled laser for LDV and phase Doppler systems. It includes an aluminum resonator assembly for fast warmup and good pointing stability. An advanced plasma tube design offers a mean lifetime exceeding 5000 hours and excellent operating performance over a wide range of tube currents. A simple change in high-reflector mirror position allows the user to change from multi-line operation to single line operation. These features make the LA-70-2 an ideal choice for 1D and 2D LDV and phase Doppler systems.

The LA-70-2 is available as Model LA-70-2E for use outside the United States.

Features and Benefits  

  • Excellent beam quality
  • Excellent coherence
  • Excellent polarization stability
  • Easy to use digital control
  • Fast warm-up
  • Long tube lifetime
  • Good beam power


  • LDV
  • PDPA

Included Items 

  • Laser head
  • Laser power supply
  • Digital control unit
  • Accessory kit

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