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Continuous Wattage Lasers PIV01251

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Product Details

Continuous wattage (CW) lasers are a very useful illumination source for flow visualization measurements and PIV measurements, when applicable. Many CW lasers are economical and have a high power output, delivering strong illumination in the visible light regions. The lasers are typically small in size, so they can be easily transported. In addition, many lasers can be coupled with light sheet optics, via fiber optics or direct coupling onto the laser, to generate the necessary laser sheets or cones for the appropriate illumination of the flow field.


  • High laser power, up to 2W in continuous mode
  • Visible wavelength from 488 nm to 532 nm
  • Compact in size and easy to use
  • Adaptable light sheet optics to provide laser light sheets or light cones for illumination
  • Optional laser modulation, allowing for pulsing of laser
  • Economical and reliable light source


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