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FLOWSIZER Data Acquisition Analysis Software 4.3 1090067

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Product Details

Continuing with the tradition of providing the best solution to velocity and sizing measurements, the FlowSizer™ Data Acquisition and Analysis Software Version 4.3 is the latest release for the Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV) and Phase Doppler Particle Analyzer (PDPA) systems.

FlowSizer Software Version 4.3 is the most complete, state-of-the-art, package allowing you to operate the PowerSight, DPSS and Ar-ion-based optical systems easily and flawlessly. The software package utilizes the Windows 7 64-bit platform to allow for multi-thread processing and hardware controls. The software detects the FSA and PDM configuration automatically so that it is ready for optimal measurement. The package includes graphics, particle sizing, traverse control, power spectrum, full rotating machinery support and custom data export. All of the features are designed to cater your special requirements.

Fully integrated Probe Volume Correction (PVC) and intensity validation make the FlowSizer Software Version 4.3 the most comprehensive package for accurate volume flux, concentration and volume statistics measurements.



  • File management treeview
  • Residual tracking for convergence
  • Multi-run analysis
  • Sweep matrix capture
  • Traverse manager updates
  • Support of new DPSS lasers coupled with fiberlight™ color separator


  • High speed flows
  • Flow measurements in wind and water tunnels
  • Turbulent boundary layer flows
  • Flow around airfoils
  • Wake flows
  • Droplet sizing and velocity measurements of sprays
  • Volume flux sprays


  • FlowSizer Software base package
  • Support of all TSI LDV and PDPA system components
  • All graphics and display
  • Power spectrum computation and display
  • ASCII export functionality and data transfer to Excel or PowerPoint® software
  • Traverse control



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