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Intensified CCD Cameras

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Product Details

Intensified CCD camera model 640000 offers the ultimate integrated detection solution for high resolution, ns-scale time-resolved imaging, particularly for combustion diagnostics, where the signal information emitted from the species is weak.  The high 1024 x 1024 pixel array provides the necessary spatial resolution to resolve the intensity profiles given by the various species concentration.  The Intensified CCD with an integrated fiber-coupled CCD sensor provides a solid, monolithic system, with the optical train firmly put together and in focus.  There is no misalignment or out-of-focus operation with this optical train.  The Generation 2 image intensifier is specifically suited for the UV wavelength range from 200 nm to 450 nm (with high QE) to detect the combustion species.  The camera must be equipped with a UV camera lens to be used for the spectral range of 200 to 450 nm. 


Features and Benefits

  • USB 3.0 connection with simple Plug & Play connection
  • Multi-MHz Readout speeds with rapid image capture for fast transition phenomena analysis and "focusing mode"
  • Integrated Digital Delay Generator with comprehensive software controls
  • Close-Coupled Gating with around 50 ns provides optical gating speeds to obtain high temporal resolution
  • Fiber-optic coupling with high optical throughput without vignetting
  • Photocathode gating rate up to 500 kHz Increased Signal to Noise ratio for high speed laser-based experiments
  • Cropped sensor mode with specialized acquisition mode to achieve fastest image acquisition rate
  • High resolution Gen 2 intensifier with highest available intensifier resolution with QE up to 25% and sensitivity options from 200 nm to 400 nm
  • Thermo-Electric cooling down to -40°C ideal for low-light applications
  • Photocathode dry gas purge port to provide further EBI reduction for low-light applications


Intensified CCD Camera Specifications table

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