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LED Illuminator PIV00876

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Product Details

This high-powered LED illuminator offers a programmable illumination output at 528nm, from continuous-wave mode (CW) to single- and double-pulse mode (down to 200ns pulse width). This unit is specifically designed for high speed flow visualization applications and PIV measurements, and perfect for small-scale or confined experiments.


  • Compact, transportable and easy to use
  • Powerful 528 nm illumination with up to 60W in continuous wave mode
  • Triggered pulse mode can be synchronized with camera image capture
  • Minimum illumination pulse width of 300µs for instantaneous image capture
  • Adaptable with cylindrical and focusing optics for the formation of 2D light sheet or 3D light cones
  • Ideal for flow visualization and PIV applications
System Specifications
Power requirements 120VAC, 5A
Dimensions (W x H x D) 116 mm x 160 mm x 122 mm
Pulse width modulation 0.2 - 300 μs increments
Selectable pulse delay (DT) 0-100 ms, 0.05 μs increments
Computer communication USB 2.0
Illumination wavelength 528 nm
Continuous-wave (18A, DC) 2,100 lm (4.1 W)
Pulse operation (2μs, 250 A) 12,000 lm (24 W)

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