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The TSI LaserPulse™ Light Arm is an articulated arm that offers flexibility in delivering the light sheet for PIV measurements or for other high energy laser applications. Featuring a beam path that can be fully enclosed from the laser to the measurement area, it is essential for safely delivering high energy, pulsed YAG laser beams.

For PIV global flow measurements, the measurement plane must often be moved from one location to another. This is accomplished in some cases using an automated traverse. The LaserPulse Light Arm is an ideal choice since it is compatible with high energy lasers and it allows easy light sheet traversing.

The LaserPulse Light Arm incorporates a combination of optical elements in a compact, high-quality articulated arm. For PIV applications, the YAG laser beam is delivered through TSI light sheet generation optics attached to the arm exit. The lens system included with the arm offers a choice of several laser sheet divergence angles and light sheet thicknesses. The laser sheet can be positioned easily and smoothly and oriented almost anywhere within a sphere of radius equal to the overall length of the assembly.

Features and Benefits  

  • Safe and accurate beam delivery
  • Experimental flexibility


  • PIV
  • Stereoscopic PIV

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