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Photodetector Modules for Velocity Model PDM 1000-5

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Product Details

TSI's PDM 1000-5 Photodetector Module combines an interchangeable optics block, called the light bar, with high-sensitivity photodetectors for maximum ease-of-use and highest performance operation. The ultra-sensitive photodetectors exploit the latest advances in PMT technology to convert the scattered light to electrical signals.

The PDM system requires no alignment. The user simply connects the receiving fiber to the PDM 1000-5 light bar. Scattered light from the receiving fiber is separated by wavelength, with custom dichroics and other optics, eliminating color contamination but maximizing throughput. This is a key factor in maximizing the third-component (violet) data rate in 3D systems.

The individual channel outputs are available for connection to the signal processor.

The photodetector voltage is controlled and monitored via software to optimize the signal quality. A built-in control circuit prevents saturation of the photomultiplier tubes. The PDM 1000-5 also includes an optional 12-bit A/D converter used to measure pedestal amplitude, as the basis for the patented TSI Intensity Validation technique.

Features and Benefits

  • Compact size
  • Easy hookup, two wires for 1D LDV
  • High-efficiency color separation
  • Front panel status lights
  • Complete package can be upgraded from 3D LDV to 3D PDPA


  • RSA electronics upgrades (with FSA processor)
  • IFA electronics upgrades (with FSA processor)
  • Three-component LDV
  • Three-component LDA

Included Items

  • PDM 1000-3 (purchase with FSA processor)
  • Light bar for single probe 3D LDV


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