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Powerview Cameras 630090

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Product Details

The latest version of Powerview series of cameras were designed to enhance your experience in PIV and PLIF measurements. Improved features provide better results and more robust performance. The new Powerview cameras offer a wide variety of pixel resolution from 4 million pixels to 29 million pixels, with frame rates to meet your most challenging applications. 

Features and Benefits

  • Increased frame rate by hardware binning and/or Area of Interest selection for time-resolved measurements
  • Short Frame straddling time, high quantum efficiency, low noise background and selectable dynamic range for excellent PIV and PLIF images
  • Compact and rugged design for environment with wide temperature and humidity ranges
  • Easy upgrade to Stereo-PIV and Volumetric PIV configurations


Camera Model Pixel Resolution Frame Rate Per Second
4MP-180 2048 x 2048 180 fps
4MP-LS 2352 x 1768 16 fps
4MP-HS 2048 x 2048 32 fps
8MP 3320 x 2496 8.5 fps
16MP 4920 x 3288 3.1 fps
29MP 6600 x 4400 3.6 fps
29MP-LS 6600 x 4400 1.5 fps

Stereo-PIV version of the cameras are also available for easy upgrade to the stereo PIV configuration. Please refer the camera specification sheet for details of the camera performance and specifications.


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