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ThermalPro Data Acquisition and Analysis Software THERPROXP

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Product Details

The ThermalPro Data Acquisition and Analysis software is designed to give users complete control of data acquisition and analysis with the IFA-300, to obtain velocity results. The software runs with the Windows 7.0 platform, allowing for acquisition of normal flow measurements, as well as calibration of individual wire/film sensors. System operating functions, such as the control of overheat ratios and signal conditioner settings, are handled via an RS232 interface, while the high-speed analog data from the anemometer output is managed with a high-speed multichannel digitizer installed inside the computer. The ThermalPro software is included with the IFA-300 system, allowing all control and data acquisition, data analysis and presentation of results. 


  • Automatic adjustment of maximum frequency response with IFA-300 electronics, and smart tuning for film or wire sensors
  • Full control for data acquisition, analysis and presentation of results
  • Applicable for acquisition process during calibration of film/wire sensors
  • Supports data acquisition of up to 16 channels with the IFA-300 units
  • Uses the Windows 7.0 platform

Screen for setting up probes

Screen for setting up the probes


Calibration Plot

Calibration plot of a sensor, showing the voltage vs. velocity


Analysis of Velocity

Analysis of the velocity showing the frequency spectrum


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