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Traverse System - 3-Axis Heavy-Duty Traverse System

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Product Details

T3DH and T3DHE Three Axis (3D) Heavy-duty Traverse Systems are used for capturing size and velocity profiles in a flow with a three-component FlowSizer™ software-based LDV or phase Doppler system. This traverse is built to handle the high moment loads of U-Rails and other complex arrangements.

The T3D/T3DE traverse offers complete versatility, allowing the optics or probes to be mounted in forward scatter, side scatter, or back scatter. The system can scan in the XYZ directions, without needing to change the traverse hardware configuration. The FlowSizer traverse programming utility allows easy scan captures of complex profiles of size and velocity data. A hand-held remote control is included for easy set-up and positioning of the carriage.

The T3DH system operates on 100-120 VAC, while the T3DHE operates on 220-240 VAC.

Further information is available in the TSI Traverse System Brochure.

Features and Benefits

  • Offers repeatability of ±10 µm
  • Offers accuracy of ±300 µm
  • Mounting Base provides flexible setup
  • Optional casters for portability
  • Optional foundation brackets for locking the unit to the floor
  • 600 mm range of travel for each axis
  • High moment load capacity
  • Typical velocity of 250 mm/s (X & Y), can be customized in the software


  • Three-component LDV
  • Three-component PDPA
  • High moment load rail layouts
  • Custom rail layouts

Included Items

  • Control unit
  • Mounting base
  • Hand-held remote
  • 3 m cables from control unit to traverse stages
  • Three traverse stages

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