Qualitative Respirator Fit Testers

    Looking for a No Stress, No Mess Qualitative Fit Test Solution? 

    TSI Qfit™ Respirator Fit Testers are the only OSHA (29CFR1910.134) compliant automated pump driven nebulizer for BITREX® and Saccharin to qualitatively fit test the integrity of respirators. At the push of a button, the Qfit Respirator Fit Testers generate a consistent test agent with a pump driven nebulizer utilizing pre-filled cartridges, eliminating repetitive stress disorders and the nuisance of mixing, handling and refilling solutions. 

    Qualitative Fit Test Solutions For Your Respritory Protection Program

    TSI Qfit Respirator Fit Testers are offered in both an automatic and a manual model. The automatic version controls the Qfit fit tester by utilizing a built-in timing sequence to automatically execute the qualitative fit test protocol. Whereas the manual version requires the user to control the Qfit fit tester manually to execute the qualitative fit test.  Both versions offer valuable features to enhance your respiratory protection program. 


    • Only OSHA compliant automated nebulizer for BITREX® and Saccharin 
    • Qfit automatic fit tester reduces work by > 95%
    • Saves time and money 
    • Can be operated in either a handheld or remote modes
    • Eliminates repetitive stress disorders 
    • No mess or handling of solutions with pre-filled cartridges 
    • Light weight, portable, battery operated 
    • Generates a consistent test agent with pump driven nebulizer 
    • Significantly reduces clogging of Saccharin solution  



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