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Quantitative Fit Testing

Quantitative fit testing (QNFT) confirms a respirator's fit by comparing concentration levels of a substance outside the respirator to the concentration levels of the same substance inside the respirator. Passing a quantitative respirator fit test with a quantitative fit test machine proves that the facepiece is sized correctly and that the person knows how to put it on correctly.

OHS Respiratory Protection

A Proven Quantitative Fit Test Solution From a Proven Leader

TSI has been the industry leader in quantitative fit testing equipment for over 25 years with the PortaCount® Pro/Pro+ Respirator Fit Testers.  They are the only OSHA-compliant fit test systems that can test all types of respirators.

Depend on Quantitative Fit Testing for a Peace of Mind
  • In a world of pandemics and natural disasters, preparedness is imperative. Conducting a quantitative fit test with employees ensures that they are ready and fully protected for whatever situation may arise.
  • PortaCount Pro/Pro+ Respirator Fit Testers deliver clear, quantifiable results, as well as a direct measurement of fit factors, helping you maintain a reliable respiratory protection program.

When used as part of your respiratory protection program, TSI quantitative fit testing equipment ensures that your personnel get the best possible protection from their assigned respirator.

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TSI PortaCount® Academy---a powerful educational tool for the respirator fit testing world. Enroll today to be able to choose from a variety of interactive learning methods.

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