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    Classic PresSura Room Pressure Products


    TSI still offers the classic PresSura™ Room Pressure Products. 

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    TSI provides room pressure monitors and controllers for a variety of critical environment applications including hospital isolation rooms, laboratories, and cleanrooms. 

    Accurate Room Pressure Monitoring

    In Hospital Isolation Rooms and Laboratories, it’s all about safety.  And when it comes to safety, you want precision measurements designed for your applications. TSI’s unique pressure sensor, based on thermal anemometry, provides very accurate results at the point of interest, typically 0.01" H2O (2.5 Pa). General HVAC pressure transducers, that drift, simply can’t measure up.  Now you can be confident with your room pressure monitoring measurements. 

    TSI’s Room Pressure Controllers and Monitors Provide:

    • Direct measurement that continuously monitors actual room pressure
    • Option of direct room pressure control or tracking solutions for laboratories
    • Audible and visual alarms that warn of potentially unsafe conditions
    • Integral keypad and display for configuration and calibration
    • Seamless integration to BAS using Modbus, BACnet, or Lonworks
    • Passcodes to prevent unauthorized access

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