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Hospital Room Pressure Monitors and Controls


    Safely Defend Patients in Place

    ...with the only room pressure sensors Classified by UL for through-penetration firestop systems.

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    The Joint Commission now requires...

    Save Time and Money

    ...maintenance of your utility systems, including room pressure monitors and sensors. Choosing the right sensor technology will save you time and money.

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    Hospital room pressure monitors and controls help keep patients and staff safe. TSI’s quality products use proven technology and engineering for the best possible health, safety, and compliance outcomes. Hospitals around the world choose TSI room pressure products for these features and benefits:

    • Most accurate measurements of room pressure differential in the industry
    • Extremely stable performance with virtually no need to recalibrate sensors
    • Simple, intuitive displays easily understood by staff
    • Native BACnet allows seamless communication with Building Automation System (BAS)

    TSI designed PresSura™ Room Pressure Monitors and Controls to help healthcare organizations meet requirements. They enable compliance with standards, including:

    • ASHRAE 170 Ventilation in Healthcare Facilities
    • U.S. Centers for Disease Control HICPAC (Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee)
    • CSA Z317.2-10 Special Requirements for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems in Healthcare Facilities
    • Other medical, pharmaceutical, and construction standards

    PresSura Monitors and Controls are the system of choice for hospital room pressure monitoring. For over 30 years, hospitals, laboratories, and cleanroom facilities have chosen TSI products for monitoring of their critical environments. TSI products are online in isolation rooms, protective environments, operating rooms, and other controlled areas. PresSura Room Pressure Monitors and Controls are also extremely effective for laboratory monitoring and cleanroom monitoring. By accurately measuring room pressure differential, ventilation rates (air changes per hour), temperature, and humidity, TSI products control the spread of contaminants in applications that matter.

    Hospital and Lab Control Engineering Guide

    Detailed reference guide for products and systems including spec sheets, typical operation sequences, and guide specs; plus easy-to-use engineering tools like an energy saving calculation program.

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    Is Your Pressure Monitoring System Accurate?

    Pressure Sensing App Note Cover

    This application note compares available differential pressure sensing technologies, considering:
        + accuracy
        + stability (drift)
        + calibration

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    Upcoming Joint Commission Audit?

    PresSura Case Study 1

    This case study highlights how one healthcare facility used PresSura™ Room Pressure Products to successfully pass a recent Joint Commission inspection.

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