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SureFlow Fume Hood Face Velocity Controller 8650

Recommended Replacement


Product Details

This unit has been discontinued as of September 1, 2010.

TSI's SureFlow™ Model 8650 SureFlow Fume Hood Face Velocity Controller is designed to control your fume hoods to a constant face velocity.

By providing a constant face velocity, the SureFlow will enhance the safety and reduce the energy costs of a fume hood. Designing around these reduced flows allows HVAC equipment such as fans and chillers to be downsized. SureFlow provides opportunities for energy savings, lower fan brake horsepower, smaller chillers and lower duct work cost by reducing the volume of air exhausted from a hood when the sash is not fully open.

The 8650 provides a closed-loop VAV control system for proper lab hood containment. The SureFlow assures safety by responding quickly during sash movement, or to disturbances within the sash plane, to maintain a constant face velocity and contain hazardous chemicals.

The 8650 easily integrates to the building management system using either alarm relays or digital communications. The open MODBUS protocol is supported by the 8650. Because SureFlow fume hood controls continuously measure average face velocity, they meet industry requirements for air flow monitors.

Features and Benefits

  • Continuously measures and controls fume hood face velocity
  • Direct face velocity measurement provides continuous, closed-loop control
  • Stand-alone face velocity control provides system reliability
  • Provides visual, audible and alarm contacts to warn of unsafe conditions
  • Meets ANSI Z9.5-2003, NFPA 45-2000 and SEFA 1.2-2002 requirements for fume hood air flow monitors
  • Designed to operate either venturi valves or dampers
  • Integral keypad for configuration and calibration
  • Convenient keypad and display support local programming
  • Passwords limit unauthorized access
  • Network communications using MODBUS, Johnson Controls N2 or optional LONworks to integrate into building automation system
  • Network communications allow for building-wide control efficiencies


  • Laboratory safety
  • Energy efficiency for fume hoods

Included Items

  • Fume hood face velocity controller
  • Sidewall face velocity sensor
  • 6-ft sensor cable
  • 120:24-VAC transformer
  • 25-ft transformer cable
  • 25-ft controller output cable
  • Damper or venturi valve

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