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SureFlow Static Pressure Controllers 8635-ST


Product Details

This unit has been discontinued as of December 15, 2016.

The SureFlow™ Static Pressure Controller Model 8635-ST is designed to maintain a constant duct static pressure. The 8635-ST controller measures the actual static pressure using a pressure transducer. The 8635-ST controller is easily configured to accept different pressure transducer ranges, allowing it to be used for almost any duct.

The 8635-ST controller will modulate a damper or variable frequency drive to maintain the proper duct static pressure.

The 8635-ST easily integrates to the building management system using alarm relays, an analog output of the measured static pressure, or digital communications. The 8635-ST supports the open MODBUS protocol.

Features and Benefits

  • Maintaining constant static pressure minimizes fan operating costs
  • Direct pressure measurement provides continuous monitoring
  • Audible and visual alarms warn staff of unsafe conditions
  • Easy communication to building management system
  • Convenient keypad and display support local programming
  • Passwords prevent unauthorized access to controller functions


  • Laboratories

Included Items

  • Digital interface module
  • Transformer, 120:24 VAC, 25 VA
  • Transformer cable, 25 ft
  • (Requires Pressure Transducer, Static Tip and Mounting Flange for Static Tip - not included)

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