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Sampling System for Atmospheric Aerosol Model 3772200

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Sampling from ambient air is not trivial. Conditions such as temperature, humidity, wind speeds and wind direction are variable. Furthermore, diffusion losses particularly from the smallest particles can significantly change measurement results.

The Technical Specification CEN*/TS 16976 aims at harmonizing the continuous measurement of particle number concentration in ambient air. It describes a standardized method not only for the Condensation Particle Counter (CPC), but also for its sampling and conditioning system. The Model 3772200 sampling system for atmospheric aerosol is designed to match the requirements of CEN/TS 16976.


Product Details

The Model 3772200 sampling system enables a standardized measurement of sub-micrometer airborne particles. Its careful design with proven components based on decades of experience such as the EPA* approved PM 10 inlet for representative sampling and the effective and low maintenance Nafion® dryer ensure reproducible and comparable measurement data. An integrated dilution extends the single particle count concentration range of the attached CPC or SMPS by a factor of up to three.


  • CEN/TS 16976 compliant
  • Sampling and conditioning in one system
  • Less than 30% diffusion losses for 7 nm particles
  • Efficient & low maintenance aerosol drying
  • Built-in dilution
  • Fast setup
  • Adds temperature and relative humidity logging to model 3772-CEN CPC


  • Atmospheric Monitoring
  • Atmospheric Research
  • Urban Air Quality Monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring


  • US-EPA approved inlet for PM 10 representative sampling regardless of wind direction
  • Nafion® dryer ensuring that the CPC inlet relative humidity is below 40%
  • Replaceable 3:1 dilution extending the single particle count concentration range
  • Temperature & relative humidity sensor for logging these values with attached instrument

*CEN stands for European Committee for Standardization 

*EPA stands for the US Environmental Protection Agency






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