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Single-channel SmartTune Constant Temperature Anemometer

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Product Details

The IFA 300 Anemometer is a research-grade instrument designed for high performance, fully automated operation and a frequency response of 250 kHz or greater. Difficult adjustments to maximize frequency response are unnecessary. Exclusive SmartTune™ bridge compensation technology (patent applied for) does all the work. Change probes, probe supports, even sensor types, and still get maximum performance. Get excellent frequency response and the lowest noise, with no special 1 to 1 bridge required. The computer-selectable, high power bridge lets you operate even power hungry sensors.

SmartTune technology revolutionizes bridge circuit control and tuning. The circuit runs at a stable frequency regardless of flow velocity changes, with control based on fast feedback measurement of bridge voltage. The anemometer operates at a high frequency response, using the control signal to keep the system below its natural oscillation frequency. Film and wire sensors can both be operated with similar frequency response without retuning.

In a system, Windows-based software and an A/D board, enables enables full control of all anemometer functions.

 Features and Benefits  

  • SmartTune automatic bridge optimization technology
  • High frequency response with no tuning
  • Built-in signal conditioner and thermocouple circuits
  • Fully computer-controlled
  • Ultra-low-noise circuits
  • Optional constant current anemometer
  • Optional integrated calibration system
  • Special 1:1 bridge for high frequency response


  • High speed flow measurements
  • Measuring very low turbulence intensities
  • Rapid temperature measurements
  • Accurate measurement of one, two and three components of velocity

  • How do I know which anemometer system is best suited to my needs?
    There are two primary considerations when evaluating systems for purchase: present requirements and possible future requirements. Important questions to consider include the following: What is the velocity range (and, therefore, frequency response) I may need to characterize?   How many sensors will I need to operate simultaneously?   Do I need to measure one, two, or three dimensions of velocity?   Will there be rapid temperature fluctuations in the flow that I will need to measure?   Do I, or will I, need to use an automated traversing system to position the thermal anemometry probe during measurements?   Is the computer system that I will be using an important consideration?  The IFA300 Anemometer and its associated ThermalPro™ software can accommodate probes for one-, two-, and three-dimensional fluid measurements. Up to 16 total channels can be accommodated with the system. Due to its fast response characteristics, the IFA300 is well suited to virtually all velocity regimes. In addition, the IFA300 and ThermalPro software can incorporate specially designed Constant Current Anemometer channels for fast-response measurement of fluctuating temperatures. The IFA300 system also offers the ability to control an automated traverse system and can even control an automated air velocity calibrator.

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