Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Indoor air quality is a growing concern. With the increasing amount of time we spend indoors - over 90% according to a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency study — the problems associated with tighter building construction in the interest of conserving energy are exacerbated. In response, building owners, facility personnel, industrial hygienists and others are increasingly focused on IAQ for both comfort and health.


IAQ Solutions Made Easy

Measures of comfort typically include temperature, humidity, ventilation and draft. TSI offers several instruments that help you quickly and accurately assess basic IAQ parameters. Maintaining comfort levels can significantly improve occupant satisfaction, as shown through increased concentration and productivity, and help reduce absenteeism.

Create a Healthy Environment

Health and safety concerns are a growing part of air quality assessment. Airborne biological substances, gases, vapors and particles can cause adverse reactions in certain individuals, depending on their sensitivity to particular substances and concentrations. Some of these ever-present unwanted contaminants are potentially toxic, infectious, allergenic, irritating or otherwise harmful. Poor IAQ is listed as a top five health concern by most major associations and agencies worldwide. Recent studies claim that over one third of the buildings in the United States have air quality problems. Now more than ever, it is increasingly important to be proactive, to identify and resolve potential problems before they get out of control. TSI Indoor Air Quality instruments are designed to help you identify and manage these tough problems.

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If you already have a TSI Q-Trak or VelociCalc® instrument you can measure VOC with the purchase of TSI pre-calibrated, plug-and-play accessory probes.


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TSI is proud to introduce the HVAC & IAQ Training Center, an educational tool for HVAC and IAQ assessment professionals. By enrolling, you can ensure your first to know when new content is added to maximize your profitability on the jobsite.

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IAQ Handbook

IAQ Handbook

TSI real-time instruments provide immediate data and trending analysis that not only remove the mystery, but also facilitate instant corrective action. To learn more about Indoor Air Quality Analysis, request a free copy of the TSI IAQ Handbook. 


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