Personal Exposure Monitoring

Many businesses regularly conduct exposure monitoring as a way of evaluating workplace health and safety conditions, especially as they relate to a worker’s exposure to chemical, physical and biological hazards while they are on the job.

Nano Personal Exposure Monitoring 

Real Time Readings for Immediate Action

If you need real-time personal exposure monitoring, TSI has the instruments for you. Our equipment is thoroughly tested and highly effective, helping us earn the reputation for making the best exposure monitoring equipment available. Our products are very useful in evaluating the workplace and testing, selecting and implementing effective workplace engineering controls. These activities help determine the need for and limitations of personal protective equipment.

Lightweight, Easy to Use, Personal Exposure Monitoring Equipment
  • Designed for worker breathing zone sampling, the SidePak™ AM510 Personal Aerosol Monitors are ideal for personal dust exposure monitoring.
  • Offering real-time results, the light-weight, easy-to-use SidePak AM510 is the only active sampling personal photometer with an intrinsic safety rating.

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