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TSI ChemLogix announces its Raman spectroscopy instruments integrated with Spectragryph software


TSI portable gas phase process spectrometer TSI | ChemLogix is pleased to announce that its Raman spectroscopy instruments now integrate directly with Spectragryph software. Spectragryph is a universal interactive optical spectroscopy software, developed by Spectroscopy Ninja and used by scientists and researchers worldwide. 

The TSI | ChemLogix Raman spectroscopy product line includes handheld, portable, benchtop, and gas phase process Raman spectrometers. 

"We're excited to partner with Spectroscopy Ninja and incorporate their powerful software tool with our Raman instruments," said TSI Principal Applications Support Engineer Dr. Amy Bauer. "Spectragryph provides elegant, flexible, and user-friendly data management. Our customers will be able to easily control acquisition parameters, calibrate X- and Y- axes, carry out bulk processing, perform spectral library searches, and more. This will open up new and valuable ways of working with TSI spectrometer data."

New capabilities with Spectragryph-integrated TSI Raman instruments

TSI's customers use Raman Spectroscopy instruments to analyze materials for a nearly limitless range of applications, including incoming raw material identification, counterfeit identification, polymer & plastics, gemology, mineralogy, food safety, and chemical research. Integrating Spectragryph software expands the methods which researchers can use and organize Raman spectrometer data.

New integrated capabilities include:

  • Analyzing and visualizing multiple spectra simultaneously
  • Batch processing of spectra
  • Drag and drop interface
  • One-click data exporting

See and try Raman spectrometers at Pittcon 2018

TSI | ChemLogix will be exhibiting at Pittcon 2018 in Orlando, February 26 through March 1. Stop by booth 2603 to watch a demo and try out a Raman spectrometer with Spectragryph software for yourself.

About TSI Incorporated

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