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Spray Diagnostics

Sprays are an important part of our everyday life, from the morning shower to the sprays that are essential for delivering medicine or suppressing fires; as such, it is critical to assess whether or not they meet performance specifications. TSI's Spray Diagnostics systems do just that by ensuring spray processes run at peak efficiency, confirming desired system operation, or by pinpointing where the spray system is not performing as designed.

Spray Diagnostics

TSI's Phase Doppler Particle Analyzers for Spray Diagnostics

Researchers in fuel spray diagnostics and zero-gravity spray measurements alike have relied upon TSI's Phase Doppler Particle Analyzers (PDPA) for their ease of use, robustness, simplicity, and for flexibility that permits measurements in a wide variety of configurations to provide even the most unique of spray diagnostics measurements. In particular, TSI's PDPA systems allow spray analysts to:

  • Measure droplet size and velocity
  • Obtain detailed statistics, including volume and flux data, with high spatial resolution
  • Determine size and velocity field of the spray by traversing TSI's standard PDPA system
More Spray Diagnostics Solutions from TSI

Imaging-based Spray Analysis systems using TSI's INSIGHT™ 4G software package, provide rapid image-based data on spray patternation, size, and symmetry. Even pulsed sprays can be analyzed with an easy-to-use external trigger and the phase-lock feature of the imaging-based system.

In addition, TSI's PIV systems provide rapid, visual, velocity-based data over the entire flowfield - key for spray diagnostics research as it allows for immediate feedback of the "big-picture" analysis of the spray structure. High Frame Rate PIV systems from TSI further provide rapid characterization of the evolution of transient sprays, including velocities, vorticity, power spectra, and other flow properties.

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