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StereoPIV Assembly

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Product Details

The TSI Stereo PIV Assembly includes all camera-related and calibration-related hardware needed to upgrade a 2-camera PIV system to perform stereoscopic measurements and, thus, obtain all three components of velocity. Graduated turning stages, Scheimpflug mounts, dual plane/dual sided (DPDS) calibration target, alignment kits, and other items are part of the package.

The turning stages, engineered to fit all TSI PIV cameras, ensure precise camera positioning. Scheimpflug mounts are necessary to focus on the planar region defined by the laser light sheet when viewed from non-perpendicular angles. The DPDS calibration target is the most accurate tool available for generating the mapping functions needed to de-warp and overlay the two images captured from different perspectives. Alignment kits ensure the optimal experimental arrangement. Additional items include the camera base, brackets, and mounts.

Features and Benefits  

  • Scheimpflug mounts for focusing on the planar field at oblique viewing
  • Dual plane/dual sided calibration target for the most accurate measurements possible
  • Graduated turning stages for camera positioning


  • Stereoscopic PIV
  • High Frame Rate PIV

Included Items  

  • Dual Plane/Dual Sided (DPDS) calibration target
  • Base
  • Brackets
  • Camera mounts
  • Scheimpflug mounts
  • Alignment kit

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