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Temperature Module with Signal Conditioner 183145

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Product Details

This circuit supplies the sensing current and signal conditioning needed to use a fine wire sensor as a resistance thermometer. While the built-in thermocouple circuit is adequate to compensate for normal variations in tunnel temperatures, if higher frequency temperature variations are present, a faster sensor is required. It is for such applications that the Model 183145 is used.

The frequency attainable depends directly on the diameter of the sensor selected. For example, the 3 dB point for a 4 micrometer tungsten wire is about 700 Hz at 10 m/s. The maximum frequency increases with higher velocities or smaller diameter wires.

A wide range of computer-controlled current settings, low pass filters, gain settings, and offsets are provided to optimize the system for the sensor and the flow conditions. The temperature module plugs into a standard anemometer slow in the IFA 300 Research Constant Temperature Anemometer.

Features and Benefits 

  • Fully computer-controlled
  • High frequency response
  • Works with a wide variety of sensors in a wide range of flow conditions


  • Fast response temperature measurements

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