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Thermal Anemometry Systems

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Thermal anemometry is a technique requiring a sensor to measure velocity at a single point with high accuracy and high frequency response. A typical thermal anemometry system has three major components, the IFA-300 Constant Temperature Anemometer (CTA), the sensor and the ThermalPro software.

Product Details

There are many different types of sensors, wire or film, for 1D, 2D, and 3D velocity components, and for gaseous and liquid flows. The thermal anemometry system is an excellent tool for turbulent flow because of its high frequency response to measure the fluctuation of the flow and many versions of sensors used in different flow environments.   

A typical Thermal Anemometry system is made up of the following components:

  • IFA 300 Constant Temperature Anemometer
  • Multichannel digitizer
  • ThermalPro Data Acquisition and Analysis software
  • Hot Wire/Hot film sensor(s)

Features and Benefits 

  • SmartTune automatic Bridge optimization technology for accurate flow measurement and ease of use in the operation system
  • Fully computer controlled through the ThermalPro software package
  • Single Point accurate measurement with sensor for velocity range from cm/s to hundreds of m/s
  • Ultra low noise circuit, high spatial resolution and high frequency response up to a few hundred kHz
  • 1, 2 and 3 components of velocity with proper sensor type
  • Even time sampling with high sampling rate for Power spectrum and statistics of flows
  • Optional integrated calibration system

Thermal Anemometry Visual


IFA-300 Constant Temperature Anemometer

The IFA 300 Constant Temperature Anemometer (CTA) is a state-of-the-art research anemometer capable of meeting the most demanding measurement requirements. It represents the depth of design capability and an understanding of the dynamics of constant temperature anemometry which TSI has developed over the past fifty years of building exceptional anemometry products.  The anemometer, along with the ThermalPro Data Acquisition and Analysis software provides automatic tuning of the sensor(s) to provide accurate measurements of high speed flows (gas or liquid) and measurement of very low turbulence intensities, for your applications.

The IFA-300 unit comes with a single CTA channel, when multiple channels are needed, additional CTA can be purchased (up to 8 channels of CTA). If more than 8 channels are required for your flow research, an IFA 300 auxiliary cabinet is also required. This allows a total of 16 channels to be configured.

ThermalPro Data Acquisition and Analysis Software

The IFA 300 is designed for complete computer control through the ThermalPro software. System operating functions, such as control of the overheat ratios and signal conditioner settings, are handled via an RS232 interface, while the high speed analog data from the anemometer output is managed with a high speed multichannel digitizer installed inside the computer. The ThermalPro software is supplied with the IFA 300 system to allow all control and data acquisition, data analysis and presentation of results.




    • How do I know which anemometer system is best suited to my needs?
      There are two primary considerations when evaluating systems for purchase: present requirements and possible future requirements. Important questions to consider include the following: What is the velocity range (and, therefore, frequency response) I may need to characterize?   How many sensors will I need to operate simultaneously?   Do I need to measure one, two, or three dimensions of velocity?   Will there be rapid temperature fluctuations in the flow that I will need to measure?   Do I, or will I, need to use an automated traversing system to position the thermal anemometry probe during measurements?   Is the computer system that I will be using an important consideration?  The IFA300 Anemometer and its associated ThermalPro™ software can accommodate probes for one-, two-, and three-dimensional fluid measurements. Up to 16 total channels can be accommodated with the system. Due to its fast response characteristics, the IFA300 is well suited to virtually all velocity regimes. In addition, the IFA300 and ThermalPro software can incorporate specially designed Constant Current Anemometer channels for fast-response measurement of fluctuating temperatures. The IFA300 system also offers the ability to control an automated traverse system and can even control an automated air velocity calibrator.
    • What are some of the properties and parameters that can be measured using thermal anemometry?
      In addition to velocity, the following can be measured: temperature, density, concentration in binary gas mixtures, wall shear stress, vorticity, pressure, heat flux, etc. Sensors can also be used to detect boundary layer transition and flow separation.

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