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Probe - Transceiver Probe 83mm Diameter 2-Component

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Product Details

The TR260 Transceiver Probe is our most popular two-component LDV probe. Easy to set up and use, it operates in the backscatter mode, with receiving optics built in. All optics are corrected and optimized for the laser wavelengths used. The maximum 61 mm collection aperture provides enhanced SNR of the Doppler signals.

The TR series transceiver probes are equipped with a convenient rotating mount and sliding base. Beam steering and fiber polishing can be performed by the user without the need to return the unit to the factory. A wide variety of interchangeable lenses is available to maximize the versatility of the system. A sealed stainless steel version of the TR260 is available for underwater use. An optional 2.6x beam expander, the XPD60, is available for long stand-off (long focal length) applications. It offers interchangeable lenses for flexibility in use at different stand-off distances.

Please refer to the TSI Fiberoptic Probes Brochure for full details.

Features and Benefits

  • Transmits as well as receives the scattered light
  • User can perform beam steering in the field
  • User can clean/polish the fibers in the field
  • Convenient rotating mount
  • Convenient sliding base


  • Turbulence characterization
  • Velocity measurement
  • Boundary layer flows
  • Backscatter velocity measurements

Included Items

  • Manual
  • Accessory kit
  • TR260 Transceiver Probe
  • 363 mm Focal Length Lens


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