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Probe - Transmitting Probe 70mm

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Product Details

The "TM" Series Transmitting Probes are the ideal choice for phase Doppler measurements. They are compact, user-friendly, and provide a wide variety of fringe spacings and waist sizes. This is achieved using TSI's unique XPD50-I internal beam expander/contractor and an assortment of optional focusing lenses from 250 mm focal length to 1000 mm focal length.

The TM series probes are equipped with a convenient rotating mount and sliding base. Beam steering and fiber polishing can be performed by the user, with no need to return the unit to the factory. This is a key advantage, particularly when working with high-power, multi-Watt, water-cooled lasers.

Please refer to the TSI Fiberoptic Probes Brochure for full details.

Features and Benefits

  • Offers the widest range of fringe spacings and waist diameters when used with the optional XPD50-I beam expander/contractor
  • Variety of user-interchangeable lenses are available
  • User can perform beam steering in the field
  • User can clean/polish the fibers in the field
  • Convenient rotating mount
  • Convenient sliding base


  • PDPA

Included Items  

  • Transmitting probe
  • 250 mm focal length lens
  • Manual
  • Accessory kit

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