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V3V™ System 9000 Series: Volumetric 3-Component Velocimetry

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Product Details

The Volumetric PIV system from TSI offers many unique and outstanding features for your 3D3C measurements for gaseous and liquid flows. With the flexible system configuration, users can select specific camera models as well the V3V camera mounting frame to cater to unique experimental setups, ensuring the most appropriate pixel resolution, frame rate, spatial resolution and volume size for the accurate three dimensional results.

The uniquely designed, patented V3V camera mounting frames, V3V-9000-TS and V3V-9000-CS, offer different volume sizes and spatial resolutions required for users' measurements. The frame allows the camera to be secured quickly such that the system is ready to take measurements in less than 30 minutes. Unlike other types of volumetric PIV systems, TSI's V3V system does not require the time intensive process to adjust the camera location and angle to obtain the correct focusing.

Choice of  cameras determines the pixel resolution and capture rate required to achieve the best possible results; and the three cameras are detachable from the V3V camera mounting frame so users can further their measurement capabilities. Moreover, the cameras are easily configured for planar-PIV, stereo-PIV or PLIF measurements.


  • Measure three components of the velocity in a Volume for gaseous and liquid flows
  • Flexible system configurations
    • Selectable V3V-9000 camera mounting frame for volume size and spatial resolution
      • V3V-9000-CS mounting frame for volume size up to 140 x 140 x 100 mm3 and spatial resolution of 3 mm3
      • V3V-9000-TS mounting frame for high spatial resolution of less than 1 mm3 and volume size of 50 x 50 x 25 mm3 
    • Selectable camera sets with removable camera configuration
      • 4MP-HS camera with 4 million pixel resolution and frame rate of 32 fps
      • 4MP-180 camera with 4 million pixel resolution and frame rate of 180 fps
      • 8MP camera with 8 million pixel resolution and frame rate of 8.5 fps 
      • All of the camera sets can be used with the two V3V-9000 camera mounting frames, providing the desirable measurement volume size and spatial resolution
  • Easy and intuitive system setup for fast calibration and measurement results 
    • Built-in mounting brackets allowing cameras to be attached onto the V3V-9000 frame quickly and precisely, making the camera system ready for image capture in minutes
    • 3D calibration using automatic slider and control, giving the calibration result in less than 30 minutes
    • Patented Triplet search technique identifies the accurate seed particles in location in 3D volumetric space
    • Particle Tracking Processing offers the highest possible velocity vectors in the volume
    • Integrated 3D graphics and display for easy visualization of even complex flow fields


  • Pulsating flows
  • Wind turbine flows
  • Bio-locomotive flows
  • Boundary layer flows
  • Two phase flows with bubbles
  • Flow Structure from flapping wing
  • Flows analysis of biomedical devices
  • Vortex generation

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Required Components

  • Powerview Cameras
    Powerview Cameras

    Powerview cameras for PIV and PLIF measurements.

  • LASERPULSE Synchronizer 610036
    LASERPULSE Synchronizer 610036

    Acting as the master controller for system components, it automates control of the timing between laser pulses, camera, camera

  • INSIGHT V3V-4G Acquisition and Data Analysis Software
    INSIGHT V3V-4G Acquisition and Data Analysis Software

    TSI's INSIGHT™ V3V-4G Acquisition and Data Analysis Software Version 3 improves on the legacy established by the industry-known INSIGHT software package.

  • Computer for PIV
    Computer for PIV

    TSI Computers integrate the latest advances in computer technology, including processing and memory storage, in order to provide the fastest, most flexible PIV and/or PLIF system available.

  • Light Sheet Optics
    Light Sheet Optics

     Provide flexibility in the light sheet divergence angle and the beam waist location via careful selection of focal lengths.

  • Low-Speed Laser for PIV and PLIF
    Low-Speed Laser for PIV and PLIF

    High power pulse Nd:YAG lasers are used to illuminate seed particles in fluid flows, and temperature or concentration fields, with precision and high intensity.

  • LED Illuminator
    LED Illuminator

    This high-powered LED illuminator offers a programmable illumination output at 528nm, from continuous-wave mode (CW) to single- and double-pulse mode (down to 200ns pulse width). 

  • High speed Lasers for PIV and PLIF Measurements
    High speed Lasers for PIV and PLIF Measurements

    TSI offers many different types of high speed lasers to meet your requirements for PIV and PLIF measurements.

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