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Fit Test Adapter Series 8025

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Product Details

The Fit Test Adapter Series 8025 provides an easy, practical alternative to the probed method of quantitative respirator fit testing.

These fit test adapters enable individuals to be quantitatively fit tested in their own respirator. The test adapters yield the same results as fit tests using the conventional probed respirator technique. The adapters offer the advantage of being able to test the integrity of the individual's assigned respirator while also verifying donning competence and facepiece sizing.

Hygienic concerns associated with using a shared test respirator are also reduced because the individual uses his/her assigned respirator. Because the fit test adapter components that are exposed to exhaled air are disposable, there is no need to sanitize between fit tests.

CLICK HERE to review the Respirator Fit Test Adapter Kits TSI offers. Please note the applicable fit test adapter will correspond to the respirator’s manufacturer, the respirator model, and possibly the respirator’s filter/regulator connection. After identifying the applicable Fit Test Adapter Kit, click on the "Related Products" button at the top of this page to select it for purchase through the TSI E-Store.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Permits quantitative fit testing in the employee's own respirator. No more shared test respirators!
  • Allows mask integrity check while fit testing 


  • Quantitative fit testing


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