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Aerosol Diluters

    Aerosol Diluters from TSI

    Aerosol Diluters are essential items needed in combination with many of TSI's particle sizing and counting instruments for a wide array of measurement applications.  Aerosol dilution systems from TSI provide a more representative sample of an aerosol to provide optimal particle counting and sizing analysis.

    TSI Offers Two Aerosol Diluters Covering a Wide Range of Particle Measurement Applications

    Aerosol Diluter Model 3302A reduces particle concentrations of high-concentration aerosols, providing a representative sample that meets the input requirements of the Aerodynamic Particle Sizer® (APS™) spectrometer. The 3302A achieves dilution ratios of 100:1 and 20:1 using easy-to-change capillary tubes. Two diluters in a tandem configuration provide dilution ratios as high as 10,000:1.

    Engineered to provide very low particle loss in the 0.5- to 10-μm size range, the Aerosol Diluter is totally self-contained and requires no outside power or compressed gas. Durable construction and simple maintenance procedures translate into years of trouble-free operation.

    TSI Rotating Disk Thermodiluter Model 379020 is highly regarded in the field of particle emission measurement, especially for sampling, diluting, and conditioning exhaust emissions from diesel and spark-ignition engines, as well as for performing stack emission studies.

    It features a separate diluter head and control unit, which allows the sample to be diluted and thermally conditioned at the point of measurement (i.e. tailpipe, CVS tunnel, or stack). It also features a variable dilution ratio that is adjustable from 15:1 to 3000:1 and selectable heated diluter temperatures up to 150°C to avoid measurement of condensed volatile materials.

    For more information on TSI's aerosol diluter offerings, contact a TSI representative today.

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