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Air Capture Hoods

    Light Weight, Easy to Use Air Capture Hoods

    TSI's AccuBalance® Air Capture Hoods measure air volume flowing through registers, diffusers and grilles. Weighing just seven and a half pounds, these air capture hoods are easy to carry, lift and use. Simply hold the AccuBalance up to a diffuser or grille and read direct supply or exhaust airflow on the large digital display.

    Accurate and Dependable Ventilation Testing

    Designed for quick and easy operation, the feature-rich AccuBalance Air Capture Hoods are sure to deliver accurate results.

    • Variable time constant modes minimize display variations when measuring fluctuating flows
    • K factor function enables flexibility for measuring a variety of diffusers
    • Alternate hood sizes lets you take readings from most diffusers, registers or grilles
    • Back-lit display is easy to read in poor lighting conditions
    Ideal for a Variety of Air Measuring Applications
    • Thermal Comfort
    • HVAC testing, adjusting and balancing
    • Air volume measurements
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