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Quantitative Fit Testing

Quantitative fit testing (QNFT) confirms a respirator's fit by comparing the concentration of a substance outside of the respirator to the concentration of the same substance inside the respirator. Passing a quantitative respirator fit test proves that the facepiece is sized correctly and the person knows how to put it on correctly.

  Fit Test

A Proven Quantitative Fit Test Solution From a Proven Leader

TSI has been the industry leader in quantitative fit testing equipment for over 25 years.

  • TSI's Protection Assessment Test System (PATS) provides military personnel with the insight and understanding they need to properly select and wear a CBRN protective mask.
  • TSI's CBRN protection products have successfully supported every major U.S. military effort since Desert Storm, including recent campaigns in Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Iraq. They are used by foreign allies worldwide to address emerging CBRN defense and homeland security needs.
Depend On Quantitative Fit Testing for Peace of Mind

When used as part of your respiratory protection training program, a TSI quantitative fit test machine ensures that your personnel get the best possible protection from their assigned mask.

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