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Scrap Metal Sorting and Recycling

Scrap Metal Sorting and Recycling Sort more metals . . . faster

The faster you can sort, process, and identify metals and alloys in your scrapyard or metals recycling center, the more profit you stand to make.

Old x-ray guns are slow, and pose OSHA risks. Outdated XRF tools are easy to break and costly to repair. It's time for a new tool that gets it done without getting in your way.

ChemLite™ Plus Laser Metals Analyzer is fast, tough, safe, & precise, with NO regulations

The ChemLite Plus is a breakthrough in handheld metals analysis. Designed for heavy use, it delivers fast precise readings of light metals and alloys you couldn't identify before. TSI's laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy, or LIBS analyzer technology is the most accurate available.

Best of all, ChemLite is the only regulation-free handheld metal analyzer on the market. No regulation worries, no OSHA headaches, just fast, accurate sorting.

+ Three measurement speeds: 1, 2, or 3-second intervals +  Eye-safe, Class 1M laser product 
+  No argon necessary +  No XRF analyzer radiation risk; no dosimeter rings needed.
+  Laser cuts through grime and debris, minimizing sample cleaning and grinding. Streamlines your measurement process. +  No x-rays, no more radiation safety paperwork, no protective goggles, no compliance checks, user training, user restrictions, or annual fees
+  Rugged design with built-in cleaning mode +  High power laser for accurate measurement.
+  5" color touchscreen display holds up to heavy use +  Detect Li and Be in Aluminum down to 1 PPM.
+  Ergonomic handle greatly reduces worker fatigue +  Largest spot size on the market, no rastering required.
  +  Intuitive interface enables any user to take accurate readings
Identify more metals & upgrade more loads
  • Designed for non-ferrous yards
  • Analyze aluminum alloys with ease and speed.
  • Base metals: Al, Mg, Ti, Fe, Cu, Ni (aluminum, magnesium, titanium, iron, copper, nickel)
  • Accurate alloy identification & sorting
  • Precise alloy chemistry
Goodbye to downtimes and downgrades

More metal recyclers and scrappers are choosing the lightweight, rechargeable ChemLite Plus laser analyzer every week. Your business needs an upgrade from your old XRF gun. The ChemLite Plus gets out of the way, so your team can do what it does best-sort metals and build your business . . . faster. Try it for yourself- schedule a demo today

See it for Yourself


Contact us to request a quote or to schedule a hands-on demonstration of the ChemLite Laser Metals Analyzer with one of our representatives!

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