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Copper Sorting and Analysis

Copper Sorting and Analysis Copper is one of the most sought after raw materials in the metals market today. In fact, copper is highly valued in almost all metals scrap and recycling businesses based on the strength of the market price. Copper and copper alloys are consistently in demand and can be infinitely recycled. Recycled copper helps build everything from solar cells to electric cars and the demand remains high.

Copper is a unique element with qualities attractive to construction, engineering, plumbing, printing, electronics, and many other industries. Its antifouling potential makes it useful in marine applications. Its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties show up in medical and military applications. Copper alloys-over 400 of them-bring strength, castability, machinability, ductility, corrosion resistance, and other valuable properties to every kind of project and process.

Accurately analyzing and sorting copper-whether in utensils, cable and wire, billets, sheet cuttings, or other scrap-is worth getting right.

LIBS analyzers improve on XRF for copper scrap sorting

Most metals professionals are aware of the limitations of XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence) analyzers when it comes to sorting copper. Laser Induction Breakdown Spectroscopy or LIBS guns are simply better tools for speed, safety, and reliability. The ChemLite regulation free LIBS gun is excellent at analyzing beryllium (Be) in copper. Copper is only one of the nonferrous metals that LIBS guns analyze well. 

Designed for heavy use, TSI's ChemLite Plus Laser Metals Analyzer are built to last. They're fast-delivering precise readings in less than 1 second. The "Green Guns" perform Positive Material Identification (PMI) as well as on-the-spot metal analysis and scrap recycling.

The ChemLite Plus is easier to use and maintain than an XRF tool. With an eye-safe Class 1M laser-and no radiation-ownership is easy. The ChemLite won't generate OSHA safety fees or fines nor will you need to worry about laser safety concerns with the TSI 1M platform. You'll be able to concentrate on sorting-more quickly, more accurately, and free of regulations.