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Electrostatic Classifiers and DMAs

    Differential Mobility Analysis for Particle Sizing

    TSI’s component Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer™ Spectrometers (SMPS), like the Model 3936 and 3938, measure the size distribution and concentration of particles in the size range of 2 nm to 1 μm using differential mobility analysis. This method is based on the physical principle that the ability of a particle to traverse an electric field (electrical mobility) is fundamentally related to particle size— so size calibration is necessary (first principle measurement). In a Differential Mobility Analyzer (DMA), an electric field is created, and the airborne particles drift in the DMA according to their electrical mobility. Particle size is then calculated from the mobility distribution. This method is independent of the particle zeta potential.

    Two DMA Options Provide Flexibility

    TSI provides a choice of two Differntial Mobility Analyzers (DMAs) including the Long DMA and the Nano DMA columns- both of which are custom crafted here at TSI to ensure superior quality.  TSI's DMA columns 3081/3085 and 3081A/3085A can be purchased and interchanged on the same platform (Model 3936 and Model 3938 respectively), providing unheard-of versatility. In fact, the flexibility afforded by individual DMA components enables users to select a system that best fits their sizing requirements. The four models from TSI include:

    Long Differential Mobility Analyzer (LDMA) Models 3081 and 3081A 

    • Relied upon by aerosol researchers for over 40 years
    • Referred to in hundreds of peer-reviewed publications
    • Known to be precise, repeatable, and comparable to results measured by aerosol science research experts

    Nano Differential Mobility Analyzer (NDMA) Models 3085 and 3085A 

    • Designed in collaboration with university researchers to improve size resolution specifically over the particle size range of 3 –150nm5.
    • Increased nanoparticle transmission efficiency





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