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Engine Exhaust Particle Counters

    Particle emissions are a critical component of engine emissions measurements. Researchers and vehicle manufacturers around the world use TSI engine emissions particle counters for certification testing, emission research, and in-use diesel particulate filter (DPF) performance checks.

    TSI’s engine emission particle counters predate – and helped to define – the UN-ECE Particle Measurement Programme (PMP). Our Engine Exhaust Condensation Particle Counter (EECPC) detects particles 23 nm in size and larger, as mandated by Euro 5/6 (V/VI) regulations. The Nanoparticle Emission Tester (NPET) is ideal for measuring solid particle emissions due to its built-in catalytic removal of volatile particles and dilution system. Customers use the NPET on non-road mobile machinery to comply with Swiss regulation 941.242 as well as for other emission tests; for example buses on route can be checked within 5 minutes.

    TSI’s engine emissions play a critical role in engine emission measurements and support many emission compliance programs. Click above to discover how TSI can support your engine emission compliance needs.

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