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Environmental Monitors

Customers in research, construction, mining, environmental consulting, and other fields use DustTrak™ environmental monitors to measure aerosol concentrations. TSI’s environmental monitors measure size fractions of particles and ultrafine particles. They capture PM1, PM2.5, Respirable PM4, PM10, and Total PM.

Environmental monitors help identify risks to communities and workers from breathable particles. With hard data on air quality and visibility, organizations can meet health and safety standards.

DustTrak products carry out short- and long-term outdoor surveys and remote monitoring. They operate in every season, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Our customers use them in a range of settings. They sample construction and remediation sites, open pit mines, research stations, wildfire/disaster areas, and more. Standard or customized enclosures protect DustTrak aerosol monitors in extreme indoor or outdoor environments.

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